Election Official’s office raided on route to Cyber Symposium.

If you haven’t been watching Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, there was a presentation expected at 7pm CT, but it had to be postponed last minute.

Mike Lindell showed up a few minutes late and had to make new announcement, because one of his invitees just went through an unfortunate event.

“The red team is going to be doing stuff here. It will probably be Thursday,” he said. “I know the expectations were here but this is even bigger news — on the way here, her office was raided. I don’t even know the whole story. They were coming here to say quite a bit.”

The news was given to Lindell when Peters showed up and he had to give an announcement, explaining about what happened, and decided it would be best to have Tina Peters and her team explain the full story to the public, before the media could start smearing her.

Tina Peters, who is the invited person that was going to reveal the presumably shocking proof, is also the Mesa County Clerk in Colorado.

On Monday, August 9th, Mesa County District lanched a criminal investigation alleging that Tina Peters posted Dominion Voting Systems passwords online. Tina Peters denies the crime she’s being accused of, and claims that she has nothing to do with the matter.

The Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold approved a search warrant to raid her office, while Peters was on flight to South Dakota, where the Cyber Symposium is being held.

This happens as Peters has been investigating electoral fraud and voting data.

Peters said at the event: “I’ve been persecuted. They are try to take over our election office. We are the last bastion of freedom in Colorado,” …“We have listened to people. They send me things from all over and there are some discrepancies there that I cannot deny or unsee.”

What is interesting is that Jena Griswold does not know about passwords either, and according to The Gateway Pundit, her campaign for Secretary of State, was completely paid for by George Soros.

Despite the turn of events, the much awaited announcement from Tina Peters and her team will be presented this Thursday.

To watch the Cyber Symposium, tune in on FrankSpeech.com or LindellTV.com

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