Roselle Park resident facing virtual trial over picket fence banners.

In the last story, we were able to learn about Andrea Dick and her fight against Roselle Park Borough officials about her banners with the words “F*ck Biden”

It looks like trial was re-scheduled to start on July 15 at 2pm, at the Roselle Park Municipal Court, not the Union County Courthouse.

Mrs. Dick will be represented by Attorney Michael Campagna.

However, this trial has the potential of moving through the Judicial System.

NJ 101.5 FM interviewed an attorney on June 4th, named Joey Novick, who is from the ACLU of NJ, claiming that “The ordinance that prohibits certain type of speech on the books of the town is unconstitutional. It’s overly broad and vague.”

“If she is fined by the town, she’d first go to municipal court because she actually did violate an ordinance currently on the books. She’d appeal any guilty ruling to the superior court in the county on the basis that the ordinance itself is unconstitutional as written and as applied.”

Ever since Mrs. Dick put up the banners, she’s been hit with a $500 fine everyday because they are signs containing “Obscene, Pornographic or Lewd Messages.” Which many find that to be ridiculous.

According to the town’s ordinance it is unlawful “to display or exhibit any obscene material, communication or performance which is obscene within the borough.”

The reason why this ordinance is overly broad and vague is because there are many things that can be considered obscene to a liberal as there are many things that can be considered obscence to christians or conservatives.

For example, prominent democrats are starting to claim that the American Flag is offensive and racist.

Instead, like many Americans, Old Glory is a beaming flag of freedom.

Those that believe the American Flag is horrible are free to leave this country.

Anyways, I have not had the chance to do a follow up interview with Mrs. Dick. We wish her a successful trial.

It is not easy to face hours of court trial, especially over this kind of nonsense that has become so common.

After doing some research, I have found that the local media has been reporting about this last month, using the same argument that profane language isn’t allowed and that a school is nearby.

On NBC 4 NY, the reporter was trying to back up the mayor’s argument that her house is close to a grade school, by making the camera focus on some house down the street. That was silly.

While it is true that Aldene Elementary is closeby, so is the High School.

The Borough of Roselle Park is a small town, measuring about a square mile long.

But does that even matter?

What if there was a sign saying “F*ck the Police” would that be okay with the Mayor? Chances are it would be applauded by Joey Sigs and the Goons.

As a matter of fact, Joey the Mayor did attend a Black Lives Matter march in town. How much was the BLM sponsorship Joey?

No doubt, Democrat Mayor Joe is using this issue as a tool for his state senate campaign.

Not too long ago, he wrote an Op-Ed for The Star Ledger/, “The crazy Trump era started here, mayor says. We owe it to the nation to end it.”

Joey does not realize that he is going after the wrong people, and forgets to recognize that the MAGA Movement is just getting started.

This trial should be the starting point of a Conservative movement in Roselle Park, it is long overdue as clown after clown gets elected to the Mayor’s office.

You can donate to Andrea Dick’s Legal Defense Fund by clicking here.

Former Republican Assembly candidate,
Jennifer Makar supporting Andrea Dick’s case.

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